FOIE GRAS, PERSIMMON, KUMQUAT and MINUS 8 – #FoieTheWin – October 2015

Foie Gras | Persimmon | Kumquat | Minus 8
by Mei Lin

Foie-the-win! – HVFG Chef Challenge – October 2015

Our very first ‘#FoieTheWin’ Chef Challenge selection is this elegant but approachable, high-class but impressively simple dish by Hudson Valley Instagram follower and chef, Mei Lin. On Twitter @meilin21 – On Instagram @meilin21


1 lobe Hudson Valley Foie Gras (cut 2 large pieces and score)
3 Fuyu Persimmons (firm but ripe)
200g Rice Vinegar
200g Mirin
300g Minus 8 Vinegar
50g Toasted Hazelnuts
Pickled Kumquats, thinly sliced
Chervil Sprigs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, place hazelnuts on a sheet tray, toast until golden brown.

Slice Persimmon in pieces and punch out with small ring cutter

In a small sauce pot bring mirin up to a boil, turn off the burner then add thinly sliced kumquats.

Cut 2 large pieces of foie gras and score. In a hot pan, on med high heat, place the scored side down when searing. Make sure not to over sear and burn foie gras.

Take foie out of the pan, and let it rest.

Add persimmons to the pan and deglaze with the minus 8 vinegar.

Plate and serve!